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It is said "beauty is in the eye of the beholder". It can be found all around us if you just look.
As an artist I have learned to study my subject well. One of my early teachers said "I i don't know if I can teach you to paint, but I hope I can teach you to see!
Thanks to an abundant rainy season this year, I redesigned my garden. It was inspired to paint it with the rich colors and the light and shadows.
The surrounding mountains lend a sense of distance.

new approaches to my new

two new crazies i just did of Temet

Another favorite location of mine is the pacific ocean just an hour away.
I love to catch the movement of the waves. It is really fun to paint right down on the rocks and feel the spray.
From sunset cliffs you can view the sea through the craggy dancing trees.



Mountain Cloud Shadows

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Nancy Ellington, Plein Air Passion
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